Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bridal Shower - Underwear!

Its no secret that my older sister, Megan, is getting married in like a month! Coming up crazy fast. I also have been designing and helping her with all her wedding needs - like the good sister I am! :)
So she is having a bridal shower soon - and look at these totally awesome and wonderful Bridal shower announcements that I whipped today!!! Cute and funny - I hope everybody enjoys them as much as I did making them! :) - ps the date, time, and #s have been changed - 
 Look - how cute! This is the back of the invites that I also made into stickers for all the envelopes!
ooh I found an idea similar to this on the internet (what would I do with out it!). Thanks to the adobe suite I was able to make my own underwear! - also megs fave color is purple -- so we had to do PURPLE UNDIES! Lots of fun and soo easy to do! :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Boyfriend's B-Day Present

another close up of the shack and trees and scribbles - ahh feels nice to be done! now we get to mat it and frame it! SO EXCITED! :)
Mtns and hills close up! amazing how scribbles from afar make a picture!
Up close - looks soo different. My favorite thing to draw was the little broken down house.
WAHOO! I am done.. well can an artist ever really be done? i could work on this thing forever. Good thing the boyfriend won't let me - ahh art oh oh i love but hate you!
Ooh look we are almost there - notice i still need to do the transition from mtns to green hillside - always tough going from light to dark gradually!
Look color - i think i like these pasteles - alot faster then colored pencil! haha except i get the chalky dust over everything including me! such a mess i am! :p - stay tuned for final - almost there! YAY!
Ready or not here i go - good thing they are erasable! :)
I chose to do it in pastels! havent done those since highschool - how hard can it be... right? hahaha
first buying the paper at the local craft store - 2nd i printed off the photo i black and white to get a better idea of lights and darks. 3rd white charcoal pencil is my best friend and helps give me the quick sketch (skeleton) of the photo.

It all started with this Picture - guess the boyfriend really and I mean SUPER LIKES this picture HE took :) He wants it drawn, painted, etc in ALL medians. So guess who is first on his list? ME! He looked at me with these puppy dog eyes and asks for my bday i would LOVE it if you would draw this for me - PLEASE - so of course I had to, even if i haven't drawn for a year or 2.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fall Wreath

I love Fall- and one day when I was on Craftaholics Anonymous She had the cutest Halloween wreath posted on there that she had just made. Well since i had oodles of burlap left over from the my mothers day project below.. i thought brown burlap would make a perfect fall wreath :) Burlap IS MESSY! and it Itches - I had to shower after this craft making fun - Anyways you start with any size wreath - this is one of the bigger ones. On her blog she painted the foam wreath part black to camouflage it - but I didn't. Too lazy.
You start by cutting strips of Burlap about an inch in diameter and about 8-9 inchs long. I varied my burlap strips for extra dimension and lets face it - i can't cut straight either. :) you than tie a double not around the wreath. Push em all together - keep squeezing - gotta cover that white - squish em again and tie more burlap strips! USE THOSE MUSCLES :)

Now for the fun part - you must decorate your wreath. I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up Fall looking scrap book paper and wooden letters to spell Fall. I than placed my wooden letters on the front of the paper, traced an outline with a pencil, then cut out the letters. In the end this is what it will look like.
I then decided to paint my wooden letters a nice fall orange color to make em look pretty. :)
Oh than I Mod Podge my paper letters on to my wooden letters - Look how pretty they are! :) - almost done. I hot glued the letters on to the wreath - but it just needed something! so I cut out leaves out of cardboard - modge podge some brown orange paper on to them - cut thin strips out of my other fall lookin scrap paper for the veins and .....

This is the end result! :) So fallish! LOVE IT! Since I loved it soo much I gave to my mother - ain't she the luckiest! :) I still have lots of burlap left over - I think I have many more fall wreaths a head of me!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mothers Day BURLAP

As you know Mothers day JUST happened. I wanted to make my mommy something that she might actually use and not just clutter up the house... so I went on (always has the best ideas) and of course she was having a link party and I went through some of the blogs until i found this awesome place mat idea @ my quarter life crisis blog. ( for more detailed instructions click on her blog)
I used Burlap (chocolate brown)
Stencils Paisly Fabric

I cut out an image of a bird (free hand) and I printed PHILLIPS CO. out on card stock than using an exact o knife I cut out the letters (very time consuming!)This is when a cricut would've been VERY handy. But hey art was my minor and sure do know my way around an exacto knife. :) Then I had to cut out burlap.. I don't think any of my placements are the exact same size! haha!

I simply took an old placement and used that as my measurements! I then frayed the edges... but burlap like to keep coming unraveled! so i used my brain and put a glob of hot glue on each of the corners on the back to keep my gift from becoming unraveled! GENIUS! I KNOW! :)
This is my bird after I painted her in I went back and added feat and cut a piece of my paisley fabric to giver her a wing and some added dimension. (aint she cute)
This is how my beautiful lettering turned out! The letters were the biggest pain of this whole operation. I had to throw one of these beauties in the garbage cause of the lettering paint issue :(
oh well.. i made 6 of these things in all. :)


This was supposed to be for valentines day but... again i procrastinated too long and so it ended up in my room with apple green hearts instead of red hearts.

I always read on other peoples blogs how they just go into the dollar store and inspiration hits and they buy a couple things and put em together to create way cool, cute cheap stuff. So I thought if they could do... why can't I? hahaha

I got the love letters that were a see through red ugly plastic color that hung together to create a swinging sign of luv. I cut them apart, went to wally world and bought a cheap trashy romance novel and wrapped the letters in the paper from the book. :)

Then i remember reading from a blog long ago about taking cardboard and pealing off a layer of paper to get a fun textured back ground which then I painted with black paint

Than i added some flowers and hearts and BAM!

I got to be CREATIVE and CRAFTY just like everyone else!

(it just only took me like 2 months to put it all together) :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Chocolate Dentures

My grand father is a dentist and always does our dental work for free... saving me a lot of money! To show my gratitude I found some denture and teeth molds on (one of my favorite websites) actually I found everything I used there too! Or you can always go to your craft store.

I made some teeth out of white chocolate and flavored them mint... I than added a metallic shine to them to give em some personality!

For the dentures I used white chocolate for for the teeth then used a red chocolate melts (or you could use white chocolate and add a red oil based dye- never use regular food coloring!) and added apple for flavoring. When using flavoring a small bit goes a looonnnng way! :)

I wrapped all the chocolates individually in saran wrap to avoid the chocolate from getting yucky, put it all in a goodies bag and tied with ribbon! My grandfather loved it! He as requested I make more so he can give em to his dentist buddies! :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

G-mas Sparkly Purple Wreath

My grandma came over for Sunday dinner... so of course I had to make her a wreath and try out my new wreath skills again. Her favorite color is purple and boy does she sure love sparkles!

This is what I came up with... notice a sparkly bug and diamonds?
This one was a lot easier to make than first one cause I actually knew what I was doing! :) I even made my sisters help me out a bit. I sure do love my grandma and hope she enjoys it!

This is what I used:
1 foam wreath with a flat back
1 thing of yarn
1 bird
1 wooden letter
acrylic paint
felt, ribbon, fabric (for flowers)
a variety of beads and stones
glue gun
all of the supplies can be found at any craft store :)

"Ring" in the sisters!

My lil sister came down to visit us from Idaho and my older sister had an AMAZING idea to make rings... So of course we had to go SHOPPING! We went to Micheals, Walmart, and Roberts to pick out our fun rings. Here are just a few of the MANY we made. We might have gotten a little bit out of control with how many rings we made... but it was tons of fun!

SO easy just glue the object to the ring with some super super duty glue, we got ours for a buck at walmart... than let it sit all night... thats it! :)

Some we added a lil extra bling to!
So nice to have our very own custom made jewelry! :) also very cheap to make!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

In-between Wreath

I made this wreath for my mom to have has an IN-BETWEEN WREATH to hang up when its not a holiday. I think it turned out great! Can't wait to give it to her!
The wreath itself is super easy to make... just pick out some yarn... start wrapping it around the wreath... this is the boring part, it took me a good 30 min plus! Than after that the fun starts! I made flowers out of felt and variety of fabrics. The more different textures the better! I painted the letter and antiqued a bit to make it look more rustic! I used shells, buttons, rocks, feathers and ribbon (basically anything I could find) to add to the overall effect!
The finished product turned out a lot better than I thought... I really had no idea what I was doing. I saw it on etsy and thought what a great idea! :) So I made my own version! Can't wait to make more!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine Candy Heart Wreath

YAY! all finished! I sprayed it with a clear coat of Satin Spray paint. Let dry. Than gave it to my mommy for V-day! She LOVED it! :) MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Look I am almost done! :) I could not find the conversational hearts at WalMart.. I had to go to Target to buy em. It took me about 2 bags and 3 nights to do the whole wreath.
I think I burnt everyone of my fingers with the glue gun.. that just shows you how coordinated I am :)
So I decided to give the CANDY HEART wreath a try. After seeing many others accomplish the same feat I thought how hard could it be.... all I can say is NEVER AGAIN. :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

V-day Heart Wreath

I really wanted to make a V-day wreath this year.. after looking at many blogs and searching the internet... I came up with this! So easy, went to Micheal's (luv this place) were I bought the wreath looking thing and than added the SpArklLiNg heart and little pink ribbon and VIOLA! My own special wreath... ps I luv fishing line to hang things and tie things.. so easy plus nobody notices it! :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Valentine Mail

I have a little 4 yr old niece, Alyvia. Who luvs CANDY. I wanted to make the month of Valentines special for her with out giving her more cavities. One lady wrote on her blog ( how she made a mailbox for her little girl and every day until valentines day would put a cute valentine note in the mailbox. SO off I went to Micheal's where they had a bunch of foam mail boxes and little foam stickers. This is what me ang megs came up with.. gotta luv PINK and GLITTER!
Every morning me or megs hide the MAILBOX with a V-Day note telling little liv how much we appreciate her,etc. Its like hiding the ELF, CHRISTOPHER POPKINS, for Christmas only V-DAY STYLE! Liv loves it and sometimes she even leaves her own "luv" notes for us to receive. :)

Cupid PooP!

This is my finished product. I printed the saying on white card stock. Used Valentine inspired cellophane, with pink, red, and white M&Ms as my "cupid poop." To finish it all off I tied a white ribbon around it. Can't wait to give em all to my friends! :)

I found this cute Valentine Idea at So easy. Just go to her blog. Click on the picture. Print. & Cut. :) Plus she has a lot of other fun Valentine ideas. For the Cupid Poop you can use any valentine candy.

Dirt Bikin

Caleb is soo lucky to have such amazing sisters! Every morning we would eat an awesome breakfast at our hotel... and of course Caleb would have to put up with his super fab sisters teasing! :)
We found this rocking chair traveling down to Mesquite in the snow. So of course we had to all jump on it and take a picture. FYI we almost all fell off of into the snow when it started to rock back & forth!
Me and my sistas with our toys. Later that day I learned how to ride my older sistas bike, the KTM, aka KATY. I might need to steal away Katy for the sis though. Learning to ride Katy was AWESOME!
Our dad was wonderful and took us all to see "La Reve" at the Wynn in Las Vegas. One of the best water shows I have ever seen! LUV IT! ps 2 hrs before the show we were covered in mud.. don't we clean up nice! :)
This is what my family LOVES to do... RIDE DIRT BIKES! It is soo much fun. But since I am a beginner I had to the ride 400 thingy four wheeler. I got to learn how to clutch, brake, shift, all with out stalling the four wheeler.... It must of been luv at first sight cause me and my 400 had no problems! :)