Monday, September 14, 2009

Deck Armor

I am currently creating a website for NewLook Deck Armor. The website is about a deck stain that we call Deck Armor. Comes in 7 different color choices. I want to be able to have people order the product directly through the site... So many things to to add. This is the website in its starter stage. You can find it under OH and if anybody is looking to make there own website go to They will help you create your own website for free! Its Great!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

White Cat

This is one of my favorite drawings I have done yet. I took the picture of my little bro, Logan, trying to capture one of our kittens outside. I loved the picture so much that I decided to draw it my art class in high school.... this drawing is about 6 yrs old. It was done in colored pencil ( luv colored pencils). If I could do it over again I wouldn't have drawn his one finger sticking out on the left hand side. Also I learned how hard it is to draw hands... Logan is around 14 at the time... but his hands look like he is 40 plus yrs old... oh the joys of art! :)

Daddy in Advertising

I currently work for a company called NewLook International. They manufacturer concrete stains. I had to create an ad to go in a magazine that would be handed out during a big concrete convention called WOC (world of concrete). My dad got lucky and I used his head shot in this ad (love photoshop). This is one of my favorite ad pieces I have done for NewLook. :)