Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fall Wreath

I love Fall- and one day when I was on Craftaholics Anonymous She had the cutest Halloween wreath posted on there that she had just made. Well since i had oodles of burlap left over from the my mothers day project below.. i thought brown burlap would make a perfect fall wreath :) Burlap IS MESSY! and it Itches - I had to shower after this craft making fun - Anyways you start with any size wreath - this is one of the bigger ones. On her blog she painted the foam wreath part black to camouflage it - but I didn't. Too lazy.
You start by cutting strips of Burlap about an inch in diameter and about 8-9 inchs long. I varied my burlap strips for extra dimension and lets face it - i can't cut straight either. :) you than tie a double not around the wreath. Push em all together - keep squeezing - gotta cover that white - squish em again and tie more burlap strips! USE THOSE MUSCLES :)

Now for the fun part - you must decorate your wreath. I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up Fall looking scrap book paper and wooden letters to spell Fall. I than placed my wooden letters on the front of the paper, traced an outline with a pencil, then cut out the letters. In the end this is what it will look like.
I then decided to paint my wooden letters a nice fall orange color to make em look pretty. :)
Oh than I Mod Podge my paper letters on to my wooden letters - Look how pretty they are! :) - almost done. I hot glued the letters on to the wreath - but it just needed something! so I cut out leaves out of cardboard - modge podge some brown orange paper on to them - cut thin strips out of my other fall lookin scrap paper for the veins and .....

This is the end result! :) So fallish! LOVE IT! Since I loved it soo much I gave to my mother - ain't she the luckiest! :) I still have lots of burlap left over - I think I have many more fall wreaths a head of me!

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