Thursday, September 23, 2010

Boyfriend's B-Day Present

another close up of the shack and trees and scribbles - ahh feels nice to be done! now we get to mat it and frame it! SO EXCITED! :)
Mtns and hills close up! amazing how scribbles from afar make a picture!
Up close - looks soo different. My favorite thing to draw was the little broken down house.
WAHOO! I am done.. well can an artist ever really be done? i could work on this thing forever. Good thing the boyfriend won't let me - ahh art oh oh i love but hate you!
Ooh look we are almost there - notice i still need to do the transition from mtns to green hillside - always tough going from light to dark gradually!
Look color - i think i like these pasteles - alot faster then colored pencil! haha except i get the chalky dust over everything including me! such a mess i am! :p - stay tuned for final - almost there! YAY!
Ready or not here i go - good thing they are erasable! :)
I chose to do it in pastels! havent done those since highschool - how hard can it be... right? hahaha
first buying the paper at the local craft store - 2nd i printed off the photo i black and white to get a better idea of lights and darks. 3rd white charcoal pencil is my best friend and helps give me the quick sketch (skeleton) of the photo.

It all started with this Picture - guess the boyfriend really and I mean SUPER LIKES this picture HE took :) He wants it drawn, painted, etc in ALL medians. So guess who is first on his list? ME! He looked at me with these puppy dog eyes and asks for my bday i would LOVE it if you would draw this for me - PLEASE - so of course I had to, even if i haven't drawn for a year or 2.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fall Wreath

I love Fall- and one day when I was on Craftaholics Anonymous She had the cutest Halloween wreath posted on there that she had just made. Well since i had oodles of burlap left over from the my mothers day project below.. i thought brown burlap would make a perfect fall wreath :) Burlap IS MESSY! and it Itches - I had to shower after this craft making fun - Anyways you start with any size wreath - this is one of the bigger ones. On her blog she painted the foam wreath part black to camouflage it - but I didn't. Too lazy.
You start by cutting strips of Burlap about an inch in diameter and about 8-9 inchs long. I varied my burlap strips for extra dimension and lets face it - i can't cut straight either. :) you than tie a double not around the wreath. Push em all together - keep squeezing - gotta cover that white - squish em again and tie more burlap strips! USE THOSE MUSCLES :)

Now for the fun part - you must decorate your wreath. I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up Fall looking scrap book paper and wooden letters to spell Fall. I than placed my wooden letters on the front of the paper, traced an outline with a pencil, then cut out the letters. In the end this is what it will look like.
I then decided to paint my wooden letters a nice fall orange color to make em look pretty. :)
Oh than I Mod Podge my paper letters on to my wooden letters - Look how pretty they are! :) - almost done. I hot glued the letters on to the wreath - but it just needed something! so I cut out leaves out of cardboard - modge podge some brown orange paper on to them - cut thin strips out of my other fall lookin scrap paper for the veins and .....

This is the end result! :) So fallish! LOVE IT! Since I loved it soo much I gave to my mother - ain't she the luckiest! :) I still have lots of burlap left over - I think I have many more fall wreaths a head of me!