Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine Candy Heart Wreath

YAY! all finished! I sprayed it with a clear coat of Satin Spray paint. Let dry. Than gave it to my mommy for V-day! She LOVED it! :) MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Look I am almost done! :) I could not find the conversational hearts at WalMart.. I had to go to Target to buy em. It took me about 2 bags and 3 nights to do the whole wreath.
I think I burnt everyone of my fingers with the glue gun.. that just shows you how coordinated I am :)
So I decided to give the CANDY HEART wreath a try. After seeing many others accomplish the same feat I thought how hard could it be.... all I can say is NEVER AGAIN. :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

V-day Heart Wreath

I really wanted to make a V-day wreath this year.. after looking at many blogs and searching the internet... I came up with this! So easy, went to Micheal's (luv this place) were I bought the wreath looking thing and than added the SpArklLiNg heart and little pink ribbon and VIOLA! My own special wreath... ps I luv fishing line to hang things and tie things.. so easy plus nobody notices it! :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Valentine Mail

I have a little 4 yr old niece, Alyvia. Who luvs CANDY. I wanted to make the month of Valentines special for her with out giving her more cavities. One lady wrote on her blog ( how she made a mailbox for her little girl and every day until valentines day would put a cute valentine note in the mailbox. SO off I went to Micheal's where they had a bunch of foam mail boxes and little foam stickers. This is what me ang megs came up with.. gotta luv PINK and GLITTER!
Every morning me or megs hide the MAILBOX with a V-Day note telling little liv how much we appreciate her,etc. Its like hiding the ELF, CHRISTOPHER POPKINS, for Christmas only V-DAY STYLE! Liv loves it and sometimes she even leaves her own "luv" notes for us to receive. :)

Cupid PooP!

This is my finished product. I printed the saying on white card stock. Used Valentine inspired cellophane, with pink, red, and white M&Ms as my "cupid poop." To finish it all off I tied a white ribbon around it. Can't wait to give em all to my friends! :)

I found this cute Valentine Idea at So easy. Just go to her blog. Click on the picture. Print. & Cut. :) Plus she has a lot of other fun Valentine ideas. For the Cupid Poop you can use any valentine candy.

Dirt Bikin

Caleb is soo lucky to have such amazing sisters! Every morning we would eat an awesome breakfast at our hotel... and of course Caleb would have to put up with his super fab sisters teasing! :)
We found this rocking chair traveling down to Mesquite in the snow. So of course we had to all jump on it and take a picture. FYI we almost all fell off of into the snow when it started to rock back & forth!
Me and my sistas with our toys. Later that day I learned how to ride my older sistas bike, the KTM, aka KATY. I might need to steal away Katy for the sis though. Learning to ride Katy was AWESOME!
Our dad was wonderful and took us all to see "La Reve" at the Wynn in Las Vegas. One of the best water shows I have ever seen! LUV IT! ps 2 hrs before the show we were covered in mud.. don't we clean up nice! :)
This is what my family LOVES to do... RIDE DIRT BIKES! It is soo much fun. But since I am a beginner I had to the ride 400 thingy four wheeler. I got to learn how to clutch, brake, shift, all with out stalling the four wheeler.... It must of been luv at first sight cause me and my 400 had no problems! :)