Friday, August 28, 2009

Self Portrait

For my photography 101 class - which was the one of the coolest classes I have taken up at college- I got to learn how to develop photographs, use a dark room, learn all about shutter speed, light, etc. :) Any ways for our last assignment we had to do a self portrait of ourselves. The picture had to describe us and we had to be in the picture. This photo is what I came up with - spur of the moment- literally the morning before it was due- at the photo lab all night type quick. :) - Its basically a picture of me being a girl- make up and all.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

SUB ZERO - reptile art

Envelope, Stationary, and Business Card. Made the envelope out of vellum to give it more of an "icey" feel. I also decided the business card needed an "icey" cover as well. Added a blue gradient to the business card and the back of the stationary. If people only knew the printing process behind this... every printer prints differently! Than you have to cut it out with an exacto knife! One mistake, rip, tear, or misguided glue job and you have to start all over! Than you have to face the weather and pray it doesn't rain! Ahh... so nice to not be a nervous wreck for a change!

Creating a logo is very hard to do. For this assignment we had to create a logo using a reptile. I choose to create a logo for a museum that showcased ice sculptures of reptiles as art... but yet at the same time gave important facts and info about reptiles, while raising money to help save the endangered ones.

This is the result of that thought process. SUB ZERO Reptile Art. My goal was to create a reptile in an ice cube. In the end I thought it looked more like the gateway computer box logo... but I tried. This is the finished product after many many many hours of creating, tossing and creating.


El Lissitzky, one of the best artists who helped shaped our future in design.
For my graphic design class I had to design a poster for El Lissitzky. I had to research his previous designs and use them in this layout. This was the result. I had a lot of fun creating this... probably one of the most fun assignments our teacher gave us! :)


ah... RENDERING... who doesn't love to sit for hours upon hours drawing ity bity circles that slowly get lighter and darker to create various shapes. I seriously thought I might become a hunch back! - This piece was done for one of my art classes- The goal was to create a pleasing layout to the eye while only using simple shapes. The catch, no lines :( absolutely none! oh and we had to use graphite- graphite smears everywhere...I think I spent more time trying to get my whites white with an eraser than actually rendering! oh the joys of graphite! Overall I think it turned out well.


I finished this over 6 yrs ago in high school. It is a picture of my friend, Thomas Harper. We were in art class and for the last 30 min our teacher let us out early to take our "own" photographs. I snapped this pic at the very last minute. I entitled it "peeping Tom." It was done with colored pencil. - I LUV the smell of colored pencils- weird i know. :)

This picture is a bit abstract and not yet complete - i need to finish the girls hair.
My old roomie, Brittney, wanted me to do a drawing of her and her future-now hubby. On the left side is Brittney and on the right side is Joel. Their lips are touching in the middle (kissing). Let me know if you can see it!
I might also see if I can turn it into a vinyl decal and adhere it to a tile... oh the possibilities!
Let me know what you think!

Crazy Eyes

These are my "crazy eyes," Same technique. This picture depicts how I feel after breathing in sharpie fumes for over 5 hrs... haha a bit weird and light headed. -This was another class assignment. I actually re-used a drawing I had done from my AP Art Class in high school. You will most likely be seeing a different form of this picture popping up in future posts. :)

Black and White

This is another one of my attempts to do the whole "black and white thing" by only drawing the shadows. I actually turned this one in for a grade for my graphic design class... got an A and it only took me about 5 hrs! YAY! (-ps for those who don't know art... 5 hrs is a very short amount of time!)
This is the finished image... I now am able to finally take breath of fresh air... and relax.
I didn't totally ruin it! YAY! I might even have had a little bit of fun creating it :)!
Now that I look at the finished portrait of Noel, I have decided to go back in and darken the gap between her lips. hmm any suggestions?


My old roommate Noel, decided I should draw a pretty picture of her. We went through her pictures (she had alot). I decided to use an image with lots of contrast already in it. Brought the photo into photo shop (luv photoshop) to bring out the shadows and highlights even more. Printed it. I had the very exciting job of "blowing" up the pic. while keeping all the proportions the same.
This is the sketch in pencil. I always find it so daunting to make the first mark with permanent marker... I am always afraid with one wrong flick of the wrist I will ruin the whole "picture." ahhh!
I turned my elephant graphic of art into wall hanging. I used an old frame my older sista had and added a some zebra stripped ribbon. I think it turned it out excellent! :)