Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Chocolate Dentures

My grand father is a dentist and always does our dental work for free... saving me a lot of money! To show my gratitude I found some denture and teeth molds on (one of my favorite websites) actually I found everything I used there too! Or you can always go to your craft store.

I made some teeth out of white chocolate and flavored them mint... I than added a metallic shine to them to give em some personality!

For the dentures I used white chocolate for for the teeth then used a red chocolate melts (or you could use white chocolate and add a red oil based dye- never use regular food coloring!) and added apple for flavoring. When using flavoring a small bit goes a looonnnng way! :)

I wrapped all the chocolates individually in saran wrap to avoid the chocolate from getting yucky, put it all in a goodies bag and tied with ribbon! My grandfather loved it! He as requested I make more so he can give em to his dentist buddies! :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

G-mas Sparkly Purple Wreath

My grandma came over for Sunday dinner... so of course I had to make her a wreath and try out my new wreath skills again. Her favorite color is purple and boy does she sure love sparkles!

This is what I came up with... notice a sparkly bug and diamonds?
This one was a lot easier to make than first one cause I actually knew what I was doing! :) I even made my sisters help me out a bit. I sure do love my grandma and hope she enjoys it!

This is what I used:
1 foam wreath with a flat back
1 thing of yarn
1 bird
1 wooden letter
acrylic paint
felt, ribbon, fabric (for flowers)
a variety of beads and stones
glue gun
all of the supplies can be found at any craft store :)

"Ring" in the sisters!

My lil sister came down to visit us from Idaho and my older sister had an AMAZING idea to make rings... So of course we had to go SHOPPING! We went to Micheals, Walmart, and Roberts to pick out our fun rings. Here are just a few of the MANY we made. We might have gotten a little bit out of control with how many rings we made... but it was tons of fun!

SO easy just glue the object to the ring with some super super duty glue, we got ours for a buck at walmart... than let it sit all night... thats it! :)

Some we added a lil extra bling to!
So nice to have our very own custom made jewelry! :) also very cheap to make!