Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bridal Shower - Underwear!

Its no secret that my older sister, Megan, is getting married in like a month! Coming up crazy fast. I also have been designing and helping her with all her wedding needs - like the good sister I am! :)
So she is having a bridal shower soon - and look at these totally awesome and wonderful Bridal shower announcements that I whipped today!!! Cute and funny - I hope everybody enjoys them as much as I did making them! :) - ps the date, time, and #s have been changed - 
 Look - how cute! This is the back of the invites that I also made into stickers for all the envelopes!
ooh I found an idea similar to this on the internet (what would I do with out it!). Thanks to the adobe suite I was able to make my own underwear! - also megs fave color is purple -- so we had to do PURPLE UNDIES! Lots of fun and soo easy to do! :)