Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mothers Day BURLAP

As you know Mothers day JUST happened. I wanted to make my mommy something that she might actually use and not just clutter up the house... so I went on diaryofacraftaholic.blogspot.com (always has the best ideas) and of course she was having a link party and I went through some of the blogs until i found this awesome place mat idea @ my quarter life crisis blog. ( for more detailed instructions click on her blog)
I used Burlap (chocolate brown)
Stencils Paisly Fabric

I cut out an image of a bird (free hand) and I printed PHILLIPS CO. out on card stock than using an exact o knife I cut out the letters (very time consuming!)This is when a cricut would've been VERY handy. But hey art was my minor and sure do know my way around an exacto knife. :) Then I had to cut out burlap.. I don't think any of my placements are the exact same size! haha!

I simply took an old placement and used that as my measurements! I then frayed the edges... but burlap like to keep coming unraveled! so i used my brain and put a glob of hot glue on each of the corners on the back to keep my gift from becoming unraveled! GENIUS! I KNOW! :)
This is my bird after I painted her in I went back and added feat and cut a piece of my paisley fabric to giver her a wing and some added dimension. (aint she cute)
This is how my beautiful lettering turned out! The letters were the biggest pain of this whole operation. I had to throw one of these beauties in the garbage cause of the lettering paint issue :(
oh well.. i made 6 of these things in all. :)


This was supposed to be for valentines day but... again i procrastinated too long and so it ended up in my room with apple green hearts instead of red hearts.

I always read on other peoples blogs how they just go into the dollar store and inspiration hits and they buy a couple things and put em together to create way cool, cute cheap stuff. So I thought if they could do... why can't I? hahaha

I got the love letters that were a see through red ugly plastic color that hung together to create a swinging sign of luv. I cut them apart, went to wally world and bought a cheap trashy romance novel and wrapped the letters in the paper from the book. :)

Then i remember reading from a blog long ago about taking cardboard and pealing off a layer of paper to get a fun textured back ground which then I painted with black paint

Than i added some flowers and hearts and BAM!

I got to be CREATIVE and CRAFTY just like everyone else!

(it just only took me like 2 months to put it all together) :)